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Which is better 144Hz Monitor to play PC games in 2019?

144Hz Monitor to play PC games in 2019_
144Hz Monitor to play PC games in 2019_

Are you looking for the best 144Hz Monitor in the year of 2019? Yes, in this article, you can able to find out the best 144Hz Monitor machine for you.

Welcome to TechDeals4u. To fulfill your dream of enjoying PC games that can exceed tens of frames per second (fps) do you look for a 144Hz monitor? Not sure how to make a choice? Then read the text tips that make life easier for shoppers.

Gone are the times when 70Hz monitors were enough to enjoy your games on the favorite consoles. When it comes to flash games and 3D effects you really need a 144Hz screen. Unravel in the guide the mysteries of the perfect purchase of this type of product.

144Hz Monitor to play PC games in 2019_
144Hz Monitor to play PC games in 2019_

First, the most important

  • 144Hz monitor is more powerful than a simple screen for playing console games or watching media.
  • The PC video card must be dedicated so you can make the most of the games and the 144Hz monitor.
  • Some 144Hz monitors have ergonomics that allow you to position the screen in different positions.

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The Best 144Hz Monitors: Newsroom Favorites

Here’s a secret to understanding the finest technical details: Knowing what’s behind the best 144Hz monitors! Check out the ranking:

  • Best value for money
  • User Preferred
  • Amazon-labeled 144Hz monitor indicates

Best value for money

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The product has an excellent response time of 1ms (milliseconds). The screen has advanced technology to ensure perfect synchronization of images. HDMI and DVI connections are available on the device which also works with technological features to reduce the visual fatigue of players. This monitor stands out by virtue of the adjustable angle at position up to 15 degrees.

User Preferred

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This is 144hz bivolt production, 1ms response time and technology capable of making dark scenery details visible. Engineers at the manufacturing company have developed a product that helps reduce visual distractions by improving your player skills. Such a device has such relevance among experts that it is even part of professional PC gaming tournaments.

Amazon-labeled 144Hz monitor indicates

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Say goodbye to flickering frames and bouncing images to disrupt any game between friends. Realize the dream of playing online without unwanted blurs on the screen. Not only the base but also the contrast of the production has total flexibility according to your adjustment desires. This handset works with high performance for you to play realistically.


Buying Guide

You may have had a similar experience: Playing an online game between colleagues and losing a lot of matches due to poor screen quality that hides the details of the stages in the games.

To avoid such problems it is important to understand below the information useful to conscious consumers looking for 144Hz monitor.

What is a 144Hz monitor and what is it for?

144Hz monitor is more dedicated than ordinary monitors. For this reason, such a product can reproduce images at ultra fast speeds. This explains why the device works without visual traces on the screen.144Hz monitor

As a result of its superior audiovisual quality, the 144Hz monitor is one of the best for shooting games. A common feature among models is the inclusion of 3D glasses in some kits.

How to set up a 144Hz monitor on PC?

The 144Hz monitor has HDMI and DVI as digital input types. Some models have extras: Bluetooth, DisplayPort or USB.

In case you use a Windows computer do the simple procedures to set up the product:

  • Access the desktop, right-click and select the menu labeled “Settings.”
  • Select the “Advanced” part and then “Monitor.”
  • Choose the “144Hz monitor” option.

What are the advantages of a 144hz monitor?

The 144Hz monitor shows even the details of dark phase environments and optimizes the quality in graphic design of games that have 3D effects.

To play video-enhanced games more realistically, it is recommended to use the monitor that has the 144Hz refresh rate. Refresh Rate is the number of times each second the image updates on the monitor. This makes it easier to play games that look like worry-free movies.144Hz monitor gaming an hd movies

The technology allows you to play several hours in a row with more resistance against eye strain. By using the product it is possible to play at different angles without damage to the field of view. The best 144hz monitors have a response time of 1ms (milliseconds).

Less blurring, locking and slowness, these are positive aspects that make the device famous. Only to use the model your computer needs a powerful processor, and a graphics card dedicated. More details in the table:

Pros & Cons

  • Play 3D games
  • More details in dark scenes
  • Realism
  • Fewer brakes
  • Amazing special effects
  • Excellent response time
  • Dedicated Video Card Dependency
  • Dependent on computer power
  • High prices

144Hz monitor or 75Hz monitor: What is the best refresh rate for you?

One is more dedicated while the other costs lower prices. Depending on the types of games you intend to play you can make a choice that generates significant and valuable benefits to your leisure.

144Hz monitor

The best multiplayer PC games that feature high competition can be enjoyed by using the monitor.

Such games demand high refresh rates and extreme precision from players who benefit from superior image quality via 144Hz monitors.

75Hz monitor

Monitors that have a refresh rate ranging from 60Hz to 75Hz are among the most popular. Mainly because of the low prices there is the popularity of the product.

These choices are interesting for watching videos on the Internet, doing work on simple office software like Microsoft Office, and playing less powerful video game consoles or emulators .

Better understand the differences in monitors in refresh rate when reading table data:

144Hz monitor 75Hz monitor
Use PC games Consumption of media and consoles
3D More capable Less capable
Adjustable Yes Not
Price expensive Cheap
Video card and processor Potent Median


How much does a 144Hz monitor cost?

Price variations happen according to aspects such as: brand, technology level and inches. Larger monitors in most cases cost higher values ​​and are more technologically intelligent.

Models with built-in sounds may also cost more on the market. The mid-priced versions, on the other hand, consume less electricity and offer acceptable performance.

Where to buy a 144Hz monitor?

You can visit the popular stores that sell computer items. Fnac or Kalunga offer some models. There are also stores like Americanas and Ponto Frio that offer editions of different inches.

The good news about buying on the internet is that besides saving you don’t have to worry about shipping the item to your home. Amazon America has sellers with the most positive reputation. There are also promotions on Buscapé and Shoptime.

Did you know that there are different formats of 144Hz monitor bases? Choose according to your decorating style or functionality. There are star shapes, round, triangular, rectangular, among others.

Purchasing Criteria: Factors to Compare 144Hz Monitor Models

The tendency to buy 144Hz monitor has increased following the popularization of individual game competitions or multiplayer mode.

The 144Hz monitor meets the requirement of professional gamers. To excel in the gameplay between disputes with friends, several people buy the 144hz monitor so they can train to improve their ability to play in each serious new contest. Maybe this will motivate you to buy the product.

See now the expert’s best commandments to make 144Hz monitor comparisons. With these rules in mind it is easier to make the perfect purchase. Keep an eye:

  • Colors
  • Inches
  • TN x IPS
  • Adjustment
  • Ergonomics
  • Gameplay in the dark
  • Switch

Uncover the criteria settings as you continue reading the text:


As for the tones you need to pay attention to the inside and outside of the product:

  • Internal : A standard that can range from 15 million to up to 20 million colors is considered acceptable for you to have no problem playing visually demanding games.
  • External : You don’t just have to be in the basic black standard on the 144Hz monitor. There are also blue, yellow, white tones, among others. Some versions even have strategically positioned LED lights to match the decor.


The 144Hz monitor’s inch numbers can range from 20 to 40 or so, although there are some major exceptions.

The smaller size can make the model more expensive, but it is risky to buy a very large monitor for the wide field of view, especially if you play near the screen.

You pay 3 times the price of a 20 inch model to buy a 40 inch version.


These are the two types of monitor panels: TN and IPS. Most 144Hz monitors can be said to be a TN panel, which in practice justifies the excellent response time and high frequency in the model, optimizing graphics performance.

IPS monitors have less response time capability. They are most useful for those who enjoy beautiful images in games that don’t have as many effects.

See the differences between the two panels:

Response time Higher Bottom
Color quality High Median
Visual effects Advanced Medium
Price More Any less



One of the important aspects is the ability to adjust the contrast to the 144Hz monitor. Opt for options that offer the longest line for you to adjust the tones in the details of each scenario in the game.

Experienced players know that each game may have a need for contrast, which may vary depending on the graphics of the games and the characteristics of the player’s view.

There is a 144Hz monitor dedicated to the point of offering an auto tuning technology. So you don’t have to waste time in the options menu to adjust. These models also have options to configure manually.


For you to have a better experience while enjoying your favorite PC games it is worth buying a flexible monitor model on the base. There are versions that can be rotated 360 degrees, thus providing the ideal angle to optimize the player experience.

One cannot ignore the fact that players who play with multiple 144hz monitors need to opt for the flexible bases. Otherwise it is difficult to observe the different details on each screen.

Gameplay in the dark

Shadow Control, Black eQualize, and Black Boost are technology names on the best 144Hz monitors, whose visuals match the lights on gamer keyboards .

With these features you can better see the darkest scenes in each scene, reducing the chance of surprise attacks from opponents hiding in the shadows.

If the monitor you wish to purchase does not offer this feature it is best to look for another brand.


Give preference to 144Hz monitor models with a controller called a switch. It has a switch form.

This control allows you to adjust various setting options that can be loaded quickly, thus avoiding distractions that can disrupt gameplay.

With presets you can switch between playing, browsing, reading or watching according to the adjusted picture and audio settings for each activity at the push of a button.