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How To Choose The Best Hand Mixer In 2019?

Best Hand Mixer OF 2019
Best Hand Mixer OF 2019

Are you looking for the best hand mixer in the year of 2019? Yes, in this article, you can able to find out the best hand mixer machine for your kitchen.

Hi! All right? Welcome to TechDeals4U, the best and trustable review site in America. Today, we will talk about an appliance that is present in the kitchens of many homes in our country: the Hand Mixer.

Here, we’ll reveal the best of them, present a shopping guide, and point out the criteria you should consider when choosing yours. Continue reading!

Best Hand Mixer OF 2019
Best Hand Mixer OF 2019

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First, the most important

  • This list offers two mixer lines: Facilita and Deluxe.
  • The facility is suitable for beating light pasta and Deluxe is recommended for beating all types of ingredients.
  • The best hand mixer model is one that fits your everyday life and meets your needs.

The Best Hand Mixer Models: Our Choices

Do you like to prepare pasta and desserts to spice up meals? So get to know the major Hand mixer models and understand how they can help in the kitchen!

  • An option with many functions
  • A powerful hand mixer
  • A very elegant model
  • The light pasta option

An Option With Many Functions

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It is designed to beat light, medium and heavy masses. This is made possible by the three different types of beaters it has, its seven speeds – one of which has a soft start – and its planetary rotation movement. It has Turbo Beater.

It has the best portable, easily and quickly remove any accessory from the hand mixer with the single-handed press of a button.

A Powerful Hand Mixer

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It was developed to beat light, medium and heavy masses. As a result, it has 290 Watts of power, six speed levels – including one with a soft start – three beater types and planetary rotation movement and quick burst mode. Comes with 4 quart stainless steel bowls that are 4 liters each and are resistant to extreme temperatures.

A very elegant model

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The KitchenAid hand mixer is designed to beat light, medium and heavy masses. To do so, it has 275 W of power, ten speed levels – including the soft start – three types of beaters and planetary rotation movement. It also has a 4.5 quart stainless steel mixing bowl that avoids various types of odors, is resistant to drastic temperatures and makes the kitchen elegant.

The light pasta option

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It is perfect for beating light pasta. It has 150 W of power, three speeds and pulsar function. One touch eject button allows for easy and quick cleanup. Unprocessed your food today with the recipe book that is included with purchase, and gain access to our database of thousands of recipes for free!

It comes with 150-watt, 3 Speed Hand mixer includes 2 beaters, recipe book and recipe database access.


Buying Guide

Do you think about buying a hand mixer? To find out if this is the best alternative for your reality and to find the model that best suits your needs, follow our buying guide.

What are the main models of Hand mixer?

Basically, we can say that the main models of Hand mixer are divided into two major groups: Facilita and Deluxe. Even their names are very intuitive!

The Facilita line is best suited for people who use the mixer occasionally and / or have the custom of using this appliance only to beat light masses such as snow whites, whipped cream and sauce.

The Deluxe line, however, is best suited for those who use the mixer frequently every day and need the power to beat heavy pasta such as bread and pizza.

How to use Hand mixer?

All Hand mixer models come with their own instruction manuals. So the first step is to consult the material that comes with yours or download it from the company website.

Some common points between them are:

  • Use at the indicated location (home or establishment);
  • Check the voltage;
  • Take care with extensions
  • Avoid using with wet hands;
  • Respect the ability;
  • And unplug after use.

The instruction manuals of the different Hand mixer models remember that it is essential to clean the body, beaters and bowls with soft materials. Also avoid placing them in the dishwasher.

Does the Hand mixer offer a warranty?

All Hand mixer models have a minimum 12 month warranty: three legal and nine contractual. However, the benefit only applies to products used in home environments.

To have access  the warranty, the owner must keep a proof of purchase. Then just take the device to an authorized service center or send it to one of the post offices.

Important! The warranty does not cover damage resulting from misuse, unauthorized modification or natural aging. Visit the company website to learn more.

Where to buy a Hand mixer?

It is very easy to find the different models of Hand mixer in America. Just visit major home goods stores – such as Magazine Luiza, Casas Bahia and Ricardo Eletro – located in city centers and malls.

Some department stores and some supermarkets also sell Hand churns. Examples are Lojas Americanas and Extra Supermarket.

But of course you can buy your Hand mixer in the comfort of your own home. Online stores such as Amazon and Submarino, as well as the brand’s own website, make all models available online.


Purchasing Criteria: Factors to Compare Hand Mixer Models

Now that you have an overview of the mixers that Hand manufactures, the time has come to meet some criteria to find out which model is best for you:

  • Personal needs
  • Physical characteristics
  • Operational Attributes
  • Complementary Tools

We will cover each of them in detail in the following topics. Come on?

Personal needs

Before opting for any Hand mixer, it is essential that you reflect on your routine to understand the type of model you really need to have – whether at home or in the business.

If you often prepare practical meals and use the mixer only for special occasions at home, you may want to buy a simpler model such as the Facilita line.

If you like to prepare incremental dishes frequently or want to use the mixer in your company, you should invest in a more robust model, such as the Deluxe line.

Physical characteristics

The physical characteristics of Hand’s two mixer lines are also in keeping with the types of use they inspire in everyday life. Therefore, it is not just a matter of aesthetics.

Facility mixers are easy to disassemble as they can be used with the base or straight into your hands. Consequently, they are easy to transport, clean and store.

Deluxe Mixers have a robust design and sturdy materials. They can beat virtually any type of dough and have suction cups to hold them firmly to surfaces. Can be used in kitchen decoration.

Operational Attributes

All Hand mixers have 4-gallon bowls. Even some models come with two, which makes life easier for those who use this appliance regularly.

All models in the Facilita range offer 250 W of power to beat light masses. Those in the Deluxe range can offer 300, 500 or 600 W. You will hardly find a mixer with more than 600 W on the market.

Another attribute that needs to be compared is the speed the mixer reaches. Those in the Facilita line have three levels and the pulsar function, which facilitates mixing. Those in the Deluxe range have eight levels and a soft start function that prevents splashing.

Complementary Tools

Finally, we recommend that you look at the accessories Hand mixers offer to check if you have everything you need or should buy extra utensils.

Facilities blenders have two feet beaters, which is best suited for beating light masses such as snow whites, whipped cream and gravy. There is even a stand to store them, which increases the organization of the kitchen.

In turn, the Deluxe line mixers come with three types of beaters: the globe for light pasta; the shovel for medium masses; and the hook for heavy pasta. Thus, it is possible to mix, beat and knead any ingredient.